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Clinical Mobility

Mobile Integrate is a company of elite healthcare technologists that support  clinician productivity at the patient bedside.

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What do we do?

Mobile Integrate supports clinical mobility which provides nurses, physicians and other caregivers the ability to leverage a mobile computer to improve their productivity and increase patient satisfaction. With specific clinical applications and integrations, users can leverage the camera, scanner, voice, video and other device capabilities to enhance their role as a care provider to make their jobs easier and provide greater patient satisfaction.


In addition, Mobile Integrate enables execution of the clinical mobility strategy. Our team brings clarity to the technical complexity and consults with Executive, IT and Clinical Sponsors to insure joint success. By using this approach, we provide a solution that delivers the expected success metrics with a sustainable operational and support model. Mobile Integrate has over 20 years of experience in healthcare IT and clinical consulting. While no two hospital organizations are the same, we have extensive experience in executing successful clinical mobility projects and have developed a repeatable process to ensure a successful outcome.

Do I have the right wireless design for smartphones/ mobile clinical applications?

Hospitals and device vendors are frustrated when applications and devices do not meet expectations, often resulting in delays and poor user adoption. Prevention costs less than treatment. Our lab validation and assessment discover problems before deployment.

What does success look like?

Clinical and IT can have different definitions of a solutions
“success”. We will work with your organizations IT, Clinical, Informatics and other teams to define joint success and associated metrics. Pulling data from EMM, MDM, EMR, RTLS, Nurse Call, PBX and other critical data points we will build custom dashboards to measure success for all stakeholders.

How do I determine the right device, applications, integrations... for the solution?

With success defined, the next step is to evaluate the industry for the right solutions that meet the clinical and IT needs. Our 20+ years industry experience and partnerships allow us to recommend the appropriate mobile applications and integrations.

How do I measure success of the solution?

Solution validation is typically done through a Proof of Concept where users are exposed to the solution in the context of performing their jobs. This is a critical stage in the execution of the Mobile strategy. It is important to chose the right organization for your PoC, set expectations and structure the PoC to maximize the time and effort in validating the solution.

How do I support the solution?

Mobile devices bridge the gap between traditional IT
devices (i.e. desktop and laptop) and medical devices
(scanners, pumps, etc). Mobile Integrate can build a
support model that compliments existing IT organization and processes, alleviating additional burden.

Why Mobile Integrate?

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