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Internet of Things

Connecting your business to the internet has taken on a whole new meaning.  Mobile  Integrate IoT solution connects you real time to every aspect of your business, saving you time and money.


What do we do?

By the year 2020 there will be over 70 billion IOT sensors in the world collecting data for various use cases. Mobile Integrate has taken the reigns and developed and implemented multiple IOT based products that can be used in any vertical and use case. If there is a need to monitor and receive real time alerting for temp variations,water detection, pressure readings, electrical kwh usage reading, vibrations and movement detections then Mobile Integrate will have a sensor that can help.

Clinical IoT

We at Mobile Integrate can help support and design any Healthcare IOT build. With security being a critical requirement within the healthcare industry, we only use American-made 256-bit encrypted sensors and gateways. In addition, we utilize Cellular First routers which can be used to provide primary or secondary broadband connectivity so as not to add additional bandwidth to an already taxed hospital network.

We use over 40 different types of wireless and battery-operated sensors which makes installation quick and painless. The IOT sensors measure temp, moisture, pressure, electrical AD/DC current, open/close, air and water flow, vibration, humidity, light detection, activity, etc.

Common Use Cases:

• Pharmaceutical, Blood, Specimen refrigeration

• Hospital HVAC systems

• Water and Moisture Detection

• Ambulance

• Medical equipment such as MRI and CT machines

• Healthcare Energy usage

Commercial & Residential IoT

Mobile Integrate leads the space in providing cutting edge secure IOT sensors for Commercial and Residential buildings. With over 40 different sensors we are able to predict the most cost affecting issues that plague building maintenance.

Problems We Solve:

  • HVAC equipment failure detection

  • HVAC temp reading

  • Water Heater temp reading and equipment failure

  • Water detection in ceilings, basements, server room

  • Security sensors for doors and windows

  • Refrigeration units and ice machines in common area kitchens monitoring

  • Water pressure detection and reading

  • Fire system pressure and temp detection

  • Electrical usage measurement

  • Pool and sauna temp and equipment failure detection

  • Server and Telco room temp and water reading

  • Garage and emergency exit door open and close detection

  • Lighting control and consumption reading

  • Vacant unit temp and security reading

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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