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Cybercrime costs millions per organization, here’s what CIOs can do!

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Fundamentally, we’re living in a far more technologically-advanced world than we were as recently as a decade ago. This statement is especially true for business organizations and the need for improved technologies to achieve operational certainty.

A valid example of the need for improved technologies is the rise in cloud services. Today, document sharing, email on every device, and databases accessible from everywhere are must haves for organizations to run. Google CEO Eric Schmidt first introduced the term cloud computing in 2016. Since then enterprises by the numbers are increasing deployment of business-critical applications in the cloud.

The Rise of Cybercrime

Widespread cybercrime is costing $11.7 million on average per organization per, and overall breaches have increased by 23 percent over the previous years.

Here are some examples:

With the rise of cybercriminals, the need for robust security process is essential for keeping operations running as smooth as possible, but also can save the reputation and integrity of the business in case of a break. Not to mention the significant amount that the organization will save in case a breach does occur.

An excellent place to start to plan for securing your organization's data is an Enterprise Security Assessment. Here’s why it’s essential...

Start with an Enterprise Security Assessment

Conducting an Enterprise Security Assessment with Mobile Integrate helps companies keep their compliance programs up to date and aimed in the right direction. Enterprise Security Assessments can help reduce the stress of formal security audits and are very effective for identifying and fixing issues within your company’s policies and procedures when it comes to technology processes.

By reviewing your policies, procedures, and standards to identify weaknesses in cybersecurity regularly, you can better prepare your organization against potential threats. An effective Enterprise Security Assessment can prevent breaches, reduce the impact of realized breaches, and keep your company’s name from appearing in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Audits and Assessment Process

One significant difference with Mobile Integrate’s Enterprise Security Assessment is that it included Iot and Mobility. Our Enterprise Security Assessment (ESA) is designed to provide organizations with a holistic, vendor-neutral overall view of the current level of maturity of security controls across all areas of the business.

Our thorough process includes.

  • Identify Vulnerabilities and Threats

  • Determine Potential Impact on the Business

  • Create Executive Summary

  • Detailed Findings

  • Prioritized Recommendations

  • Remediation roadmap

Optional assessments focus on the specific and unique security controls required by IoT and Mobility environments as well as standards like HIPAA, PCI and ISO 27000.

To see how an Enterprise Security Assessment can help your organization, click the link below!

Your Next Steps

Although the threats of cyber crimes will never go away, it does not mean you have to live in fear. According to, the first step in bringing this escalating threat environment under control is to do an Enterprise Security Assessment. An Enterprise Security Assessment should mitigate risk, address compliance, evaluate your security team’s response capabilities and improve your overall security.

Click the link below to learn about how to improve your overall security by downloading our Enterprise Security Assessment Brochure.


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