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An all in one platform, providing the best global file sharing, digital-signing and encryption solution. Exclusively sold and distributed by Mobile Integrate


Cryptoloc (Secure Data Sharing)

Mobile Integrate holds the North American exclusivity rights to sell a patented 3 key encryption file sharing platform that has been tested by the US government for over 2 years and is currently being used by the Australian healthcare system for healthcare record and medical imaging sharing. The use cases are unlimited within any environment.

The Benefits

Strategic Benefits

Corporate decision making is improved through the high visibility of risk exposure, both for individual activities and major projects, across the whole of the organisation.

Financial Benefits

Providing financial benefit to the organisation through the reduction of losses and improved “value for money” potential.

Operational Benefits

Organisations are prepared for most eventualities, being assured of adequate contingency plans.

Additional Benefits

  • Technology customized for enterprise and government to meet compliance requirements

  • Customised solutions that can be applied to any industry sector – academic, health, government, defence, transport, financial.

  • Tailored solutions around your use of information at rest and in motion.

  • Increase in client protection and retention

  • Reduced risk – law suits and reputation risk

The Solution

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